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3BR/2BA Manufactured Home on 1.0+/- Acres - Woodville

Located just outside the city limits and set up against a large natural wooded area is the 1.0 acre property featuring a three bedroom, two bath manufactured home with awning and additional carport.

The home was built in 2013 offers 1,216 square feet of living space, nice spacious combined kitchen and dining area, in-home utility room, isolated master suite with soaking tub and walk-in shower, two guest bedrooms with attached bath with combination tub/shower.

The fenced and gated property offers several huge hardwood shade trees and a small carport or equipment shed is in front. A spring-fed branch runs along the edge of the property where a a concreted pool once existed. The beautiful natural land behind the property is owned by preservation trust and cannot be developed.

A comfortable home found out in the country, but offering all city utilities and located less than 90-minutes from north Houston, the Woodlands, or Kingwood, and only 60-minutes from the Beaumont/Pt. Arthur areas.

Move up to the Country today!

Address is 746 County Road 1015 (Cobb Mill Rd.), Woodville, Texas

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Email Tillman T. Johnson, Associate/Realtor® - Call (409) 200-9227 for more information.

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